Better Counsel – Better Corporations – Better Community

Dec,27 2016


The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) exists because it believes that, if in-house counsel are better counsel, the organisations that employ them will be better corporate citizens and, in turn, the community in which their organisations operate will benefit.

To illustrate, arguably, if there are strong General Counsel at some plantation companies, the Asian haze problem might be better managed than it is now.

Driven by this core belief, the SCCA began a painful but necessary retooling process in 2016. Third parties no longer run SCCA's secretariat. A professional team led by a full-time executive director now supports the SCCA's General Committee in realising SCCA's new vision to be the centre of excellence in Asia for the practice of law in-house.

Ultimately, we want to get more General Counsel across Asia into the executive suites of their respective organisations so that they are in a pivotal position to influence major corporate decisions.

However, we recognise that our members must, in the first place, be very good at lawyering. SCCA’s mission now is to define, maintain and raise the professional standards of the practice of law in a business environment across Asia. This will lead to timely and relevant learning and development opportunities for our members.

We hope that the in-house legal community across Asia will help SCCA embrace this tipping point in making the world a better place.

Dharmendra Yadav

Vice President

Singapore Corporate Counsel Association

*An edited version of this article was published in the Asia Business Law Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, July - August 2016.

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