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In-house Counsel advise organizations, businesses, associations, and governments, and share commonalities that transcend geographical and jurisdictional boundaries.  These commonalities create a competency profile that comprises a unique set of skills, knowledge, and attributes.   



To start, an In-house Counsel provides legal advice and, as such, must be a competent Lawyer in good standing and hold a qualification in Law and/or having been called to the bar or equivalent professional programme in a jurisdiction.  Without legal training and education by a recognised law school or bar accreditation as the case may be, the skills and knowledge required in the competency set will be lacking.



The universal competency profile is designed to be intuitive in understanding and application, comprising 3 verticals corresponding to the experience of an In-house Counsel (Levels 1 to 3, with 3 being the most experienced or senior) and 3 horizontals of core competencies called Technical Skills, Business Skills and Future-ready Skills.  These 3 sets of core competencies are calibrated according to the vertical Levels. Underpinning all core competencies is adherence to the SCCA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (“Code of Conduct”).  Essentially, the In-house Counsel is to apply increasingly higher standards of the following competency descriptions as s/he progresses from Levels 1 through to 3.



The combination of attributes, skills, and knowledge populate the competency areas.  Technical skills and spheres of knowledge establish the tangible set of quantifiable skills each In-house Counsel must possess to perform the legal work required; the list of attributes form the perspectives, outlooks and dispositions one needs to thrive and succeed in an in-house environment, which in turn lead to growing their employers’ business and bottomline, ethically and efficiently. 

SCCA is proud to present the Competency Framework to help develop the in-house corporate counsel at various stages of his or her in-house practice, for both personal as well as corporate benefit.


Click here to access the full Competency Framework.

Click here to access the code of ethics and standards for in-house counsel

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