Dec,27 2016





The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association had a seminar on Countering Workplace Harassment & Discrimination, which was jointly presented by Bird & Bird, Catalyst Consulting & LMA Recruitment which was held on 11 Nov 2016.


Differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area create diverse viewpoints. When we fail to tolerate diversity within our workplace, we fall close to being a perpetrator of workplace harassment and sometimes, the victim!


Harassment, discrimination and bullying are significant workplace issues that cause severe impact to the efficiency and mental health of an organisation. It causes untold misery and humiliation. What is it to a third party bystander or a manager in a mediator position? What lawful implications are there? And how can a comprehensive policy benefit the organization?


The seminar covered, the bird’s eye view of this topic and what everyone should be aware of in terms of harassment, discrimination and bullying. How to deal with it effectively, to provide support and to ensure zero tolerance in the workplace.


The speakers provided guidance on tackling the following issues, giving real life examples and offered ways to avoid such occurrences through best practice behavior.

  • Policy Definitions and Examples
  • Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination and the Law
  • Procedures for Responding to Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying
  • External Sources of Assistance
  • Mediations & Investigations

We can expect a similar re-run in Sept 2017, catered for those who couldn’t make it last year.

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