Lessons from SCCA’s First Tech Law Course

Jun,06 2017

What’s one unavoidable phenomenon that all corporates face? Without a doubt, technology and its legalities come to mind. On 17th May, Professor Warren B. Chik (Associate Professor, SMU School of Law) and Mr. Jeremy Tan (Director, Holborn Law) had the important but challenging task of breaking down major legal issues surrounding technology for the 22 corporate counsel in attendance.

Over the past year, SCCA has revamped itself, with the aim of putting out higher-quality seminars and workshops to add value to its members. Tech Law was the 2nd programme created as part of our new category of courses, which last at least 1 full day or more (in contrast with our typical lunch time seminars), therefore providing more robust training for interested parties.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what went on: Morning - Data Protection and Privacy, followed by Cyber Security and Computer Misuse. Afternoon - Cloud and Big Data, followed by IT Sourcing with regards to software, hardware and services.

Although this was an introductory course, our aim was to deal with visceral issues that many companies face, and therefore topics like PDPA and Big Data were must-haves. These appeared to strike a chord with many of the corporate lawyers who attended. They participated actively, raising issues like negotiating the level of security policy standards between customers and provider, or the extent to which consent is required in contexts where personal data is concerned.

In terms of content, the trainers started each topic with an overview, including, in typical lawyer fashion, definitions and examples of the topic in question. They would then discuss issues with regards to practical application in a company, and move on to case studies or other practical discussions which could crystalize the key legal questions (and hopefully answers) at hand. For example, Prof. Warren raised the example of the data breach of student volunteers at NUS, using it to launch a discussion about data protection training. Meanwhile in his lesson about cloud computing, Mr. Tan provided a practical checklist on what corporate counsel should look out for in cloud deals.

I shan’t go too much into detail about the rest of the course, but ultimately, it was rewarding to see the content connecting with the attendees. At the end of the day, I believe most people walked away with something that could help them better perform their role as legal counsel for their organisation. And armed with the feedback of the participants, SCCA will once again move forward and upgrade itself to better serve the community.

Walking into the office just 2 weeks ago as a new intern, I’ve since seen the enthusiastic vision that SCCA has for its future contributions to the corporate counsel community. As it continues to run courses and seminars for our lawyers in Singapore, passing its 15-year mark, big changes are coming for sure. And I’m glad that I get to be a part of it, in my own way. Hope to see you guys soon at our upcoming events!

-Su Jin

Our trainers for the Tech Law course:

 Mr Jeremy tan

Professor Warren B. Chik

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