Reflections of Practice, by Mr. Lok Vi Ming

Jun,14 2017

Reflections of Practice, by Mr. Lok Vi Ming


It's not often that you get a senior counsel's undivided attention, much less a master of his craft like Mr. Lok Vi Ming. But on Wednesday, we had the honour of hearing Mr Lok, a former Law Society president who is currently running his own practice, share his reflections on his journey as a lawyer thus far.

The crowd was diverse - our Peers committee, in line with its vision, brought together a good mix of lawyers and even undergraduate law students to hear the valuable insights that Mr. Lok had to offer.

After an introduction by Shin Min (one of the co-chairs of Peers), Mr. Lok jumped into an engaging and candid sharing of his personal journey. As he spoke, you could immediately perceive his intelligence and years of experience - the countless stories he could relate his points to, the confidence with which he spoke and the charisma that he carried with him; this was a man worth listening to for sure.

One of the more memorable stories out of the many that he related to us was about his experience throughout the years in aviation-related litigation. At a time when this area of practice was in its infancy in Singapore, Mr. Lok was involved in case after case, as much a pioneer as he was a litigator. But true to his personal and heartfelt style of sharing, he went beyond strategies and technicalities to emphasise certain fundamental truths: that the success of his journey came about through a desire for excellence and a sincere dedication to building close relationships.

Photo: Mr. Lok relating one of his entertaining stories

Near the end of the evening, attendees were also given a chance to seek more specific insights through a Q&A session. Given his seniority in the industry, one natural question to ask was his anticipation of the future of the profession. Mr. Lok replied that he expects a change in the nature of law firms, perhaps with older, larger firms deciding to phase out and boutique-sized dispute resolution firms growing in number. Furthermore, he expects the international nature of dispute resolution to continue growing more pronounced, with lawyers possessing regional ambition having an edge over others.

As always, it was a joy organising this event. SCCA continually strives to enrich the lives of its members, be it through informal sessions such as this, or in-depth seminars that address specific areas of practice, among other events. We are very grateful that Mr. Lok took the time to share his reflections of practice with us, and hope that everyone who joined us that evening learned something valuable.

- The SCCA Team

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