SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge – Finals!

Aug,17 2020

SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge – Finals!

On 8 August 2020, SCCA successfully concluded its inaugural Legal Eagle Challenge, Singapore’s first in-house competition for law students. This year’s Challenge invited law students to step into the shoes of a fictional charity’s General Counsel and advise its board of directors on a case scenario, dealing with COVID-19’s legal and commercial impact on the charity and its operations.

The Challenge was open to all law students from local law schools (both public and private), and over 160 law students took part. The participants found the Challenge interesting and a breakaway from usual research issues that are typically more theoretical in nature, as the Challenge focused on the practical application of law and the intersection between law and commercial realities.



The preliminaries judges went through the submissions from 55 teams. 6 submissions were shortlisted for the finals, which was held over Zoom on 8 August 2020.

Our panel of judges for the Finals was impressed by the high quality of the submissions as students managed to not only clearly identify and suggest solutions for the legal issues, but also proposed innovative solutions that addressed commercial realities. The finalists put up a strong performance during the finals, and deftly handled the questions posed to them.

After a lengthy discussion by the panel of judges consisting of Mr. Antony Lee (General Counsel for HSBC Singapore), Mr. Greg Tanner (Group General Counsel of International SOS), and Mr. Tony Lai (Member/Director on the Board of Advisors for Child at Street 11, the beneficiary charity for 2020), the results of the Challenge are as follows:

  1. Winning Team – National University of Singapore (NUS) Team consisting of Bodi Siddartha, Seah Ding Hang, Wee Min, and Yang Siqi
  2. Most Innovative Team – Singapore Management University (SMU) Team consisting of Claire Tan, Havard Sia, Janice Jiang, and Winnie Ao
  3. Most Business Savvy Team – NUS Team consisting of Alison Ng, Johanna Lim Ziyun, Lai Sin Yee, and Nichelle Chee Sijie
  4. Best Communicator (individual award) – Wang Yi Qin (SMU) and Mohammed Syakir (Temasek Polytechnic)

We congratulate the award recipients and thank all participants for their efforts. All registration fees are donated to Child at Street 11.

Award winners will have the opportunity to have a 1-hour coffee session with a senior legal leader. We would like to thank Aeron Hong (Head of Legal, Sembcorp Industries Ltd), Andrew Ong (Head of Legal for SEA/Australia/India, Kone Pte Ltd), Angeline Joyce Lee (Vice President of the legal division, Singapore Press Holdings Limited), Antony Lee, Greg Tanner and Looi Lee Hwa (General Counsel, Sembcorp Industries Ltd) for agreeing to have these coffee sessions with the award winners.

SCCA would like to thank the preliminaries judges and the finals judges for taking the time to support the Challenge, and once again express our appreciation to the partners for this challenge, LexisNexis and Child at Street 11.


You can still get involved!

All profits from the Challenge will be donated to the beneficiary charity for 2020, Child at Street 11. Child at Street 11 is a secular and independent charity that runs early years education programs for children between 2 months old to 12 years old at a highly subsidized rate. Most of these children are from underprivileged families facing economic difficulties and have issues providing academic support for their child’s learning. The charity works with such families and its donors to raise confident and creative children with a can-do spirit.

More details about Child at Street 11 can be found at

While the Challenge has been concluded, SCCA encourages its members to make a difference and contribute to those in need. Those interested in making a donation to the charity may continue to do so here.


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