SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge – Singapore’s first in-house counsel competition for law students

Jul,15 2020

SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge – Singapore’s first in-house counsel competition for law students

On 29 June 2020, SCCA launched its inaugural Legal Eagle Challenge, Singapore’s first in-house counsel competition for law students as part of its pro bono initiatives. The challenge invites enthusiastic and innovative law students to come together to don the hat of a fictional charity’s General Counsel and advise its management on a case scenario dealing with COVID-19’s legal and commercial impact on the charity and its operations.

SCCA received an overwhelming response with more than 160 students participating in this challenge. All of their registration fees will be donated to Child at Street 11.

New Way of Thinking

The event is open to all law students studying a diploma or degree in law from local schools (both public and private). Unlike traditional moot competitions, the challenge takes a slightly different format as it focuses on innovative solutions incorporating both legal skills and commercial sense.

Instead of written memorandums or submissions, participants will form teams of 2-4 members to submit PowerPoint slides, and finalist teams will then present to the “board of directors” in the Finals on 8 August 2020. Students will hone useful life skills in learning how to present to management who may not necessarily be legally trained.

Students would be challenged to analyze information in a different way as instead of a document laying out the case scenario, they would receive a document pack. They will have a taste of in-house counsel work in reviewing documents to identify and address legal and commercial issues.

This different approach to thinking and resolving issues is reflected in the award categories:

  • Winning Team – internship at a multinational company;
  • Most Innovative Team – cash prize of S$800 (sponsored by LexisNexis);
  • Most Business Savvy Team; and
  • Best Communicator (individual award) – cash prize of $200.

Winners of the different categories will be invited to have a coffee session with a general counsel or legal leader from various companies, including a Global 500 company, Singapore listed companies, and multinational conglomerates, where they can have a no-holds-barred discussion to learn more about what makes a good in-house counsel and practicing law in the business context.


Beneficiary Charity for 2020

All profits from the challenge will be donated to the beneficiary charity for 2020, Child at Street 11. Child at Street 11 is a secular and independent charity that runs early years education programs for children between 2 months old to 12 years old at a highly subsidized rate. Most of these children are from underprivileged families facing economic difficulties and have issues providing academic support for their child’s learning. The charity works with such families and its donors to raise confident and creative children with a can-do spirit. More details about Child at Street 11 can be found at


Get Involved

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of people all around the world, and charities and their target beneficiaries have not been spared as well. Well-wishers who wish to contribute to the Child at Street 11 may do so by emailing

This event is organized by the SCCA Pro Bono Committee and we deeply appreciate the in-house counsels who volunteered to help organize, judge this competition or have coffee sessions with the students as part of the prizes. If you would like to volunteer in similar or other pro-bono activities, publicize any pro bono opportunities for in-house counsels or collaborate on any potential pro bono opportunities, please reach out to us at


Shout-out to our partner, LexisNexis

SCCA would like to thank our partner, LexisNexis, for sponsoring the cash prize for the Most Innovative Team award.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional is a leading global provider of information and analytics that enable professionals in legal, corporate, government, and non-profit organizations to improve decision-making and achieve better business outcomes. LexisNexis is a part of RELX Group, serving customers in more than 130 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide, with an information network containing 3 petabytes of legal and news data with 65 billion documents (that’s 150 times the size of Wikipedia and doubling every three years).

For over 100 years, LexisNexis has delivered best-in-class legal content, data, and analytics from the leading minds in the profession. Across the globe, LexisNexis combines content, technology, and analytics to advance the rule of law and shape a more just world where all are equal under the law. For more information, please visit


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