SCCA Well-Being Chapter - Seasons greetings & reflections as 2018 closes out

Dec,12 2018

By Geeta Thakerar, with contributions from ShiYuan Yeo and Monisha Kamdar Co Convenors of SCCA’s Well-Being Chapter.


The Well-Being Chapter wants to wish every-one seasons’ greetings and a prosperous and healthy new year for 2019. Take good care of yourselves, take time off, relax, re-energize and be with your loved ones.


One Year Old!


We celebrated 1 year since SCCA’s Well-Being Chapter was formed. It is certainly timely and currently a “hot” topic for the legal sector. SCCA’s Well-Being Chapter was formed in November 2017 under the auspices of ShiYuan Yeo (convener), Monisha Kamdar (co-convener) and myself (co-convener).


Some reflections since the Chapter’s inception….


The mission is to focus on both mental and physical aspects of well-being for all in-house lawyers. Some of the areas we focus on include: self-care strategies, reframing work life balance, improving effectiveness of work practices and their respective importance and the science behind it. 


We have issued regular announcements to help create and maintain awareness of the importance of overall well-being; recognising signs of mental illness; what habits and routines can be adopted by members in their lives and to increase overall well-being.


In May 2018 we hosted our Chapter launch event with AIA as our kind sponsor - “Taking Charge of Your Well-Being in Busy and Evolving Times”. This event included an experiential workshop and an interactive session facilitated by Positive Psychology Practitioner - Ms. Tara Schofield.


Tara injected much positivity and energy into the session. She reached out and helped facilitate a conversation on well-being within the in-house legal community in Singapore. Her dialogue with the audience was on the various pathways to well-being, including the use of positive emotions, strengths, engagement, relationships, meaning, purpose and achievement. The audience had the opportunity to practice some techniques and understand how these concepts could fit into lawyers’ everyday life.


There was also a short panel discussion. This provided some personal experiences with well-being by two esteemed Singaporean in-house counsel, Jacqueline Low and Monisha Kamdar.

Both shared some coping strategies and personal tips with the audience.


In September 2018 we hosted our second event with FTI Consulting as our kind sponsor - “UNTYING THE KNOTS using emotions and mindfulness”.  Zerlina Sim, a corporate trainer and coach with Potential Project together with Monisha Kamdar, facilitated the plenary workshop session.


Zerlina, who coaches the C-suite within corporates amongst others, was hugely engaging. She did a practical exercise with the audience on sustaining focus amid all the surrounding clutter that we face. This exercise on sharpening attention, focus and creating a state of greater mental effectiveness, through a mindfulness technique, raised our guest's personal awareness. It was also a reminder of the important role focus has for lawyers to succeed and to maintain strong minds for sustained success. Monisha shared how to use and function emotions (positive and negative) to your advantage. One emotion she focused on was stress and how to cope with and re-frame stress to a positive end.


There was a panel discussion with ShiYuan Yeo, Vimaljit Kaur and Michele Musgrave. Some interesting highlights from the discussion included knowing when to give yourself permission once in a while for something that makes you feel good;  knowing when to put your oxygen mask on and also helping others to also do so too in order to recharge; and leveraging simple mindfulness practices for a few moments everyday in order to remain calm and objective.


What you can look forward to from the Chapter in 2019?


Apart from continuing to maintain the original Chapter mission/vision, we hope to host 3 events for 2019. This would comprise 2 interactive workshops on building and maintaining inner resilience and mindset/reframing stress respectively. In addition, one fun physical activity event as part of SCCA’s First Thursday series of events.


We are terribly excited and really look forward to 2019 and the initiatives we are going to work on. Do please support this important support structure that SCCA is building for the in-house community in Singapore.


SCCA members can look forward to our Chapter’s regular announcements on relevant topics to do with overall well-being/wellness which act as regular reminders to members to take care of themselves. In addition, the Chapter is looking forward to partnering with professional coaches and organisations. Members also should keep an eye out for well-being tips and embellishments to the Chapter’s resources tab that they can tap into.

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