SCCA's Theme for 2017 - THE NEXT DECADE

Feb,03 2017

SCCA 2017

The Next Decade


Given the current and future legal challenges, largely due to the rapid speed of technology in the legal space, a theme for the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association in 2017 could well be “Disrupting Ourselves” but no, we decided to go with something positive.

 As in-house lawyers, we face our own digital disruptions, ranging from the positive (harnessing technology to be more efficient) to outright negative scenarios (replacement by AI). What can SCCA do to help members and stakeholders maintain our value, but better yet, increase our value to our respective companies? 

Responding to this challenge, and with a view to a holistic approach, SCCA has carefully curated several programs, seminars, conferences and talks for our members, in partnership with leading service providers inside as well as outside our Legal industry, including the following events:


  • WILL (Women In-House Living Life), a Women’s International Day event
  • SCCA Corporate Counsel Conference 2017, focusing on Legal Tech trends and opportunities/ challenges

SCCA Chapter leaders are also busy with their individual chapter meetings and gatherings. And for obvious reasons, the one chapter to look out for this year will be the SCCA Tech Chapter. 

We have taken every bit of feedback from the past and are moving towards a direction of knowledge building and will continue our journey to forecast and create programs with unique dimensions.

We firmly believe there is a future for all of us inhousers, in particular the new world called Legal Tech Industry. Dare I call it “Le Tech”, is that a more chic abbreviation than FinTech? (Lame) Joke aside, our profession is almost as old as the oldest profession on earth, being a significant branch of the Tree of Law. Just as it is certain that in life that one will have death and taxes (even after death, what with estate or inheritance taxes!), people will always need solid legal advice. 

The decade to come is going to be inspirational, evolving and challenging for all us. There will be crucial intersections between generations and we hope the SCCA’s support system will be beneficial. The difference would be how we can harness the power of big data in our daily job, filter to our specific research area, and use the results to provide accurate and timely advice to our companies. Old profession, brand new way of working.




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