Well-Being Chapter Announcement 22: JOY…..Leveraging its power at work and at home!

Mar,10 2020

By Geeta Thakerar, Co-Convenor, Well Being Chapter


Let us get back to basics and look at how to improve your overall well-being by simply leveraging the power of  JOY in your life. As regional GCs and in-house counsel we could improve our respective well-being for ourselves and our teams by simply having a conscious effort to improve our focus on joy both in the workplace as well as at home.

Humans intrinsically seek joy. The power of joy is visible in sports. Often the team and those around experience a sense of joy and feeling of being up lifted and being more positive. Joy can pack as much practical punch as technology.


Are you struggling with colleagues who  

  • are solely focused on their KPIs;
  • resist ways of connecting and working harmoniously;
  • insist on remaining in their comfort zones and lack the confidence to expand beyond the horizon?

Are you

  • faced with layer upon layer of expectations, workload or pressure externally and sometimes internally?
  • silos?


Leveraging joy can help with this. Joy is a powerful connector of people.


Consider some tips:


  •       Strive to make work truly meaningful by having a positive societal contribution.
  •       Have personal commitments -  this will assist in being more effective at work and home.
  •       Consciously introduce joy into work and life daily - this will provide regular confirmation that you are doing exactly what makes you feel good.
  •       Leverage a combination of harmony, impact, and acknowledgment — all which business leaders can engender in their organizations. Joy arises from this combination


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