Well-Being Chapter Announcement 24:

May,08 2020

By Geeta Thakerar, Co-Convenor, Well Being Chapter
In our last Well-Being Chapter Announcement 23 we focused on “Coping with COVID-19”. In this Announcement 24 we want to take you on a journey looking closer at the role of dignity and respect and how it impacts our overall well-being.

What is the role of dignity and respect in well-being?
Research shows that dignity and respect are both important pillars in building and sustaining inclusiveness, feeling valued and appreciated. This is positive for teams, the overall environment, and an improved sense of overall well-being.

Actively leveraging dignity and respect encourages each of us to be mindful of our interactions and commitment to treating others the way we would want to be treated ourselves. The power of dignity and respect or some version thereof will drive loyalty, productivity, effectiveness in execution, a happier workforce, foster shareholder appreciation, and public esteem.

Some thoughts/tips to consider:
  • It is often the small things, such as being kind and courteous, that make a difference
  • Actively listen -people feel respected when they know you are listening to their point of view.
  • Acknowledge we all make mistakes and resist the urge to point out the mistakes others make.
  • Practice patience and take the time to get the full story.
  • Differences are barriers only if we allow them to be.
Companies should be judged by the value they bring to the lives of their employees and not just by the value they add to their customers. Building a culture of dignity should be a key business priority. What are the sentiments and feedback within your organization, your department within your team? Is there a strong sentiment that employees and fellow team members feel respected or like they were treated with dignity?
This pandemic has more than ever, driven home the importance of dignity and respect with great precision. It has elevated both awareness and importance of workers’ physical and mental well-being which should come first in the eyes of the business.
For 30 hints and tips for how to improve dignity and respect download your pdf below!

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