Wellbeing Chapter Announcement 30

Nov,19 2020

A journey towards sustainable Mental Well-Being

In our last Well-Being Chapter Announcement 29 we focused on the topic of  “you are what you eat” and the research showing that the brain functions best when it gets only premium fuel such as eating the right types of quality food. During October we also celebrated the world mental health day.

In this Announcement 30, the Well Being Chapter wants to look at a few tips on a continuing journey towards sustainable mental well-being. Well-being is about accepting, not avoiding, difficulties, and adversities.
Here are three tips:
  • work through stress and negativity and try to strive to feel right instead of to feel good. Life is full of challenges, and it is important to become adaptable and resilient; 
  • be open to negative emotional experiences, try to set aside a designated time to sit with them, slowly expose yourself in a controlled way to those negative feelings…they will eventually subside. It remains important that we accept the negative feelings or at least acknowledge them instead of avoiding them;
  • move towards true overall wellness which also includes both satisfying experiences and personal relationships.


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