Critical Employment Law Primer (2 day Program)

Critical Employment Law Primer  (2 day Program)
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Venue : SCCA Training Venue - 30 Merchant Road #02-01 Riverside Point Singapore 0582822

Last Date Of Registration : Tuesday 23 May 2017 11:59 pm

Start Date : Wednesday 24 May 2017

End Date : Thursday 25 May 2017

Event Start Time : 02:00 pm

Event End Time : 06:00 pm

Course Overview

  • Gain an overview of Singapore employment law and an update on recent legislative developments
  •  Be updated on the latest critical cases shaping the employment law landscape
  • Learn how to deal with challenging employee departures and how to minimize legal issues
  • Hear from foreign counsel the challenges typically faced by in-house legal counsel when dealing with regional issues

Course Contents

  1. Employment Act and CDC Act
    1. Who does it cover?
    2. Salient points to note
    3. Update on recent developments


  1. Employee vs Independent Contractor
    1. What is the difference?
    2. Things to note and potential pitfalls


  1. Handling employee data under the PDPA
    1. Collection and use of employee data - what is the employment exception under the PDPA
    2. Obtaining consent – when needed and how to do it


  1. Social media in the workplace
    1. Typical policies
    2. Identifying and managing legal risks


  1. Managing the disciplinary process
    1. Elements in typical disciplinary policies
    2. Conducting interviews with errant employees – what to do and what to avoid
    3. Conducting the disciplinary process and reaching a finding on misconduct


  1. Termination
    1. Retrenchment – strategies for laying off employees
    2. Managing termination of employees
    3. Preserving data and forensics – what to look out for, do’s and don’ts to prepare for potential litigation
    4. Release and discharge – strategies for obtaining a release from employees and what a good release should cover


  1. Post-termination restrictive covenants
    1. Legitimate interests, what is reasonable
    2. Enforcement post-employment


  1. Implied duty of mutual trust and confidence


  1. Recent cases of note in employment law


Regional aspects

  1. Singapore employment law compared with other jurisdictions
    1. main challenges for regional counsel / HR


  1. International employment mobility – transfers and secondments
    1. how to structure them and what to look out for


  1. Managing cross-border terminations
    1. strategic process and how to minimise risk

WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Junior to senior level legal and HR professionals keen to acquire a comprehensive understanding of employment law and practical strategies to deal with employment law challenges


Speaker Profiles


Pradeep Pillai

Stephanie Wee



A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon successful completion with 75% attendance

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