Education Sub-Committee

About us

Our Subcommittee works with SCCA Secretariat to source for and facilitate black-letter-law learning events, so that in-house counsel can keep up to date with developments in law. A secondary but still important objective is to ensure that our events contribute to SCCA’s bottom line.



We work with top tier law firms, reputable third party legal event organizers and other highly qualified legal professionals to partner SCCA to offer courses and seminars to SCCA members and other interested parties. Such events may be complimentary for members, or may be paid events where members are offered a members’ rate, which incorporates an attractive discount compared to the non-members’ rate.



We invite members to join and make valuable contributions in our Subcommittee. Come alongside us as we strategize, plan and execute on learning projects that consist of the type of high-quality legal education and training necessary for the advancement and enhancement of a corporate counsel’s legal knowledge.


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