Creating the 'front door' to the corporate legal function

Creating the 'front door' to the corporate legal function

Venue : ZOOM

Event Start Date : Thursday 12 November 2020

Event End Date : Thursday 12 November 2020

Event Start Time : 11:30 am

Event End Time : 12:30 pm

Registration Start Date : Friday 16 October 2020

Registration End Date : Thursday 12 November 2020

Event Overview:

Developing digital solutions to solve legal or business problems was once an expensive and inflexible exercise, and usually undertaken at a distance from the intended users of those tools. No-code platforms like Neota Logic have flipped that dynamic on its head. Over 10 years of working closely with global law firms and corporates including Fujitsu, Travelers, Wesfarmers, Liberty Mutual, and GE Healthcare, and through collaborations with partners including Bizibody Technology, Neota Logic has seen some of the most transformative and valuable use cases for technology come from what appears, at first glance, to look like the least exciting ideas.


In this webinar Mark Tyndall (VP, Markets & Growth APAC, Neota Logic) and Serena Lim (Founder and Director of Bizibody) will talk about key starting points for corporate legal departments on their legal service design and automation journeys. They will discuss real use cases, and how introducing core capabilities including triaging workflows can help to create the 'front door' to the legal function that is often missing from even the largest corporate teams. Mark and Serena will share other insights along the way, including how these types of solutions need only create incremental value to succeed, in contrast to those demanding more substantial change management exercises to get off the ground.



Mark is a lawyer and automation technology specialist. He works with law firms, accounting firms, in-house legal and claims assessment teams to figure out how design, process and tech can help us all to do more, to do it better, and to achieve better returns. As a lawyer, he's advised large financial services and other listed companies on contentious regulatory matters, investigations, large-scale litigation, and legal automation solutions.


Serena is the founder and Director of Bizibody, Litigation Edge and several other companies. Her group of companies services over 250 law firms in Singapore and Malaysia. As a legal technology and litigation support consultant to law firms, Serena has been helping small and mid-size law firms integrate technology into their practices for over 15 years. Prior to starting Bizibody in 2000, she was the managing partner of Khattar Wong & Partners’ Hong Kong office, and specialised in corporate and real estate law.

Serena’s legal background, daily dealings with her law firm clients, and her fascination with technology and business trends gives her a bird’s eye view of the impact of the information revolution on legal practice, and what law firms need in order to continue to thrive.

Her work includes technology projects to automate standardised processes, increase efficiency and, increasingly, create new business models and new ways of delivering legal services.

Serena works closely with Law Society of Singapore, Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Judiciary. She has also contributed to the design and delivery of practice management courses at the Temasek Business School and the Law Society of Singapore.

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