Geylang Adventures

Geylang Adventures
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Venue : Happy Seafood 1 Lorong 23 Geylang, Singapore 388352

Event Start Date : Thursday 16 May 2019

Event End Date : Thursday 16 May 2019

Event Start Time : 07:00 pm

Event End Time : 10:30 pm

Registration Start Date : Friday 26 April 2019

Registration End Date : Thursday 16 May 2019

A Guided Tour

In the spirit of Labour Day this May, SCCA is proud to organise a special guided walk by Geylang Adventures for members to have a greater awareness on various socio-legal issues taking place in the Geylang area. Do come join us for a fun and interesting walk, together with fellow in-house counsel while enjoying various delicious food spots along the way!



7:00pm - 7:45pm  Dinner at Happy Seafood

7:45pm - 10:30pm  Tour of Geylang


About Geylang

The only legalized red light district in Singapore. From the food to the vice, we've seen and heard all about it. But have you ever walked through it all? Faced with issues like overcrowding from the influx of foreign workers and the social sitgma of prostitution long before the rest of Singapore read it in the news, Geylang has had its share of adventure. Come discuss and witness first hand these issues and the resultant social and environmental impacts.


What to Expect

The trail is led by a Geylang guru. Adventurers will traverse through the winding lorongs, encountering first-hand, a multi-sensory narrative of the ecosystem of Geylang. Linked with stories of his experiences growing up, embracing and interacting with the community, we hope to spark discussions and create a shared experience amongst participants. Forging friendships, new perspectives nd social cohesion, ultimately offering new possiilities of thinking, living and intergrating into our own communities.

More information may be found here.

*The fee does not include any food and drinks along the trail. These will be bourne by participants, paid directly to merchant.

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