Joint SIArb-SCCA Debate:

Joint SIArb-SCCA Debate:

Venue : ZOOM

Event Start Date : Thursday 03 December 2020

Event End Date : Thursday 03 December 2020

Event Start Time : 05:30 pm

Event End Time : 07:00 pm

Registration Start Date : Thursday 12 November 2020

Registration End Date : Thursday 03 December 2020




The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about new norms, one of which is the increase in the familiarity and use of virtual platforms for meetings and hearings. Many of us have “trained” ourselves to be “experts” in conducting meetings virtually. Courts and arbitral tribunals also frequently conduct virtual hearings which are accorded same weight and effect as in-person hearings. In a very unprecedented way, people have unknowingly realised the benefits of virtual hearings and meetings.
This Debate is jointly organised by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association. Our esteemed debaters will seek to convince the judges and audience that virtual hearings and meetings will in fact become the new norm, even after the pandemic abates.

  • Debaters for the motion: Iain Potter (Partner,  MDD Forensic Accountants) and Benjamin Hughes (Independent Arbitrator, Hughes Arbitration)
  • Debaters against the motion: Greg Tanner (Group General Counsel, International SOS) and Lim Wei Lee (Partner,  WongPartnership LLP) 
  • Judges: Ben Giaretta (Partner, Fox Williams LLP), Rebecca Andersen (Head of Legal, Hengyi Industries International) and Chia Ho Choon (Council Member,  SIArb)
  • Moderator: Tan Weiyi (Partner, Harry Elias Partnership LLP)



SIArb’s mission includes the education of arbitration practitioners, the promotion of arbitration and the development of the profession of arbitrator, as well as providing social and networking opportunities for all those involved in arbitration in Singapore. 

Following the success of last year’s inaugural debate, we have again assembled a group of leading experts to debate on an issue which cannot be more relevant than during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.



  • Benjamin Hughes – Independent Arbitrator, Hughes Arbitration
  • Iain Potter – Partner, MDD Forensic Accountants
  • Lim Wei Lee - Partner, WongPartnership LLP
  • Greg Tanner - Group General Counsel, International SOS



  • Rebecca Andersen – Head of Legal, Hengyi Industries International
  • Chia Ho Choon – Council Member, Singapore Institute of Arbitrators
  • Ben Giaretta – Partner, Fox Williams LLP



  • Tan Weiyi - Partner, Harry Elias Partnership LLP

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