LEGAL FOR NON-LEGAL PROFESSIONALS - Note: Public - Click on GUEST booking with

LEGAL FOR NON-LEGAL PROFESSIONALS - Note: Public - Click on GUEST booking with
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Venue : NTUC CENTRE, LEVEL 9, ROOM 903 - One Marina Boulevard

Event Start Date : Wednesday 19 April 2017

Event End Date : Wednesday 19 April 2017

Event Start Time : 02:00 pm

Event End Time : 06:00 pm

Registration Start Date : Tuesday 14 March 2017

Registration End Date : Monday 17 April 2017

Do you have a legal question you would like answered on Employment Law, Implications of Employment in the Demand Economy, and Starting Your Own Business? Join us in this interactive Q&A session, and hear from our panel of lawyers. Simply register and send in your questions via Limited seats available!




        Employment Law

  • Does MOM law supersede company law/contract?
  • Who owns the IP developed on the job?
  • What is a reasonable non-compete clause?
  • How can I switch jobs without worrying about breaching contract?
  • What constitutes unlawful termination, and what recourse do I have?


 3.15 - 4.15 pm

       Implications of Employment and Side-Employment in the Demand Economy

  • I have a part time job outside of work. What do I need to know?
  • How can I keep my employment and side-business separate?
  • What are my tax implications if I have a side-job?

4.30 - 5.50pm


       Starting your own business

  • What are the important legal documents necessary to start a business?
  • Common legal mistakes that startups often make
  • Recommendations for startups after 2 years of operation




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