Responding to a Ransomware: Legal Issues and Risks

Responding to a Ransomware: Legal Issues and Risks

Venue : Online Webinar

Event Start Date : Tuesday 17 August 2021

Event End Date : Tuesday 17 August 2021

Event Start Time : 02:15 pm

Event End Time : 04:00 pm

Registration Start Date : Thursday 22 July 2021

Registration End Date : Friday 06 August 2021

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Event Overview:

Ransomware is a form of cyberattack that organisations and law firms (who can be both targets of ransomware attacks or counsel assisting their clients in these issues) may have to deal with. With the recent and ongoing disruption to the Colonial pipeline system, it is timely for us to provide more knowledge sharing in this area.
This webinar is aimed at both practising lawyers and corporate counsel and will cover:

  • Presentations by the Law Society Committee on Cybersecurity and Data Protection on (1) legal issues arising from ransomware payments, and (2) legal liability for victims of ransomware attacks.
  • Followed by a panel discussion – e.g. to discuss what can be done to respond to a ransomware attack, how to effectively work with a regulator in a ransomware scenario so as to support investigations and remediation, best organisational practices for firms and corporations to prepare the risk of ransomware.


Programme Outline and Speakers:

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