Taboos and the art of “Speak Up”

Taboos and the art of “Speak Up”

Venue : ZOOM

Event Start Date : Friday 30 October 2020

Event End Date : Friday 30 October 2020

Event Start Time : 11:30 am

Event End Time : 12:45 pm

Registration Start Date : Wednesday 30 September 2020

Registration End Date : Friday 30 October 2020

Event Overview

This is the first session of a series on transparency and “speak up” and managing in a company. Looking at the culture around transparency and speak up and managing the whistleblower in the initial stages of the process.

“In conversation with Kirsten Trott and Catherine Wu - shining the light on the culture of speak up”

This conversation will focus on:

  • Voice and cultural intelligence in the APAC region
  • The psychology of “speak up” and issues around raising concerns in organizations
  • Research on the “phycology of voice” and applications of principles in the context of voice in organizations in different countries/cultures and managing key stakeholders and teams/leadership.

During this conversation, we will help to identify the taboos around speaking up and the different cultural nuances through stories and an interactive dialogue by our two fabulous facilitators. They will take us on a journey, and a deep dive into the culture of “speak up” within organizations. Numerous learnings and practical tips will be shared to help the legal community better support their respective organizations and employees.

Through some story-telling and sharing of what are the taboos and impediments of speak up in corporations drawing on Kirsten’s experiences in-house, some in this situation and how this can blend in with managing a whistle-blower or someone speaking up about issues of concern.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand address and tackle these issues and help in daily support provided by in house counsel to key stakeholders in an organization and identify some key watch-outs and get some tips and tools to be better equipped to tackle such issues.
  • Identify and be aware and how to partner with other key stakeholders
  • Identify what the legal and compliance issues are.

There will be an opportunity to raise questions with our speakers to gain further insights and perspectives on speak up issues and surrounding taboos.



Dr. Catherine Peyrols Wu is a global leadership and talent development consultant. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, universities and government bodies to design and facilitate programs in the areas of intercultural competence and career management.

Her research on cultural intelligence in multicultural teams has been presented at international conferences including the Academy of Management Meeting, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the International Conference of Applied Psychology and the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology, and published in the peer-review journals Applied Psychology.

She has worked with a variety of organizations such as Volvo, SAP, ConocoPhillips, Orange, DHL, Volkswagen, Aramark, Gemalto, Nokia, Lining, Novonordisk, Adamas, Oracle, the Thai Management Association, KEDGE-Shanghai Jiaotong University MBA and the British Embassy in Beijing. Previously, she has taught in MBA courses at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing and La Rochelle Business School in France.


Dr. Wu is originally from France and has lived in Asia for the past 15 years. She is currently a lecturer with the Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on cultural intelligence. Dr. Wu holds a PhD in organizational behaviors specializing in cultural intelligence from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a master’s in management from KEDGE Business School in France.


Kirsten Trott, is the Head of Compliance for HBF, an Australian Private Health Insurance provider. She has extensive experience in making whistleblowing work for organizations and in dealing with some of the difficult issues that arise in whistleblowing matters. 

As the global lead for whistleblowing at Standard Chartered Bank, in which she designed and implemented whistleblowing arrangements that complied with UK Financial Services regulations across 63 countries, she has been at the coalface of making whistleblowing work within a large, culturally complex and highly regulated company. As the Deputy Director of Public Concern at Work (now called Protect), the UK based global thought leader on whistleblowing, she identified and developed whistleblowing best practice through her work advising organizations across all sectors on whistleblowing. She also gave legal and practical advice to hundreds of whistle-blowers from across all sectors and levels of seniority, giving her a unique insight into the whistle-blower’s experience and psyche, which she continues to draw on.  In her role as founder and principal consultant at Moken Consulting, she advised companies to move beyond compliance and to get their whistleblowing systems working in practice.



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