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Venue : Zafferano (Private Room) 10 Collyer Quay Level 43 Ocean Financial Centre Singapore 049315

Event Start Date : Monday 22 October 2018

Event End Date : Monday 22 October 2018

Event Start Time : 05:30 pm

Event End Time : 07:00 pm

Registration Start Date : Monday 15 October 2018

Registration End Date : Monday 22 October 2018

Event Overview

During his election campaign, Trump singled out China, declaring that he would impose 45% tariffs on Chinese imports, comparing its development to “rape.”

The U.S.-China trade war is heating up in a battle that may last for years to come. Last week President Trump imposed new tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese exports to the United States. The Chinese government responded with tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods. The economic effects of this trade war between the world’s two largest economies (the U.S. at $19 trillion and China at $12 trillion) are slowly emerging.

While many around the world are ignoring this, the recent damage is only the beginning. What will be the fallout for both US and China and the rest of the world? Will this be the beginning of deterioration of US-China relations? Is China’s strategy the war of attrition?



5:30pm - 6:00pm



6:00pm - 6:45pm

Presentation by Randal Phillips, Managing Partner, Mintz Group


6:45pm - 7:00pm



7:00pm Onwards



Speaker Profile

Randal Phillips

Managing Partner
Mintz Group


Randal Phillips is a Managing Partner and heads the Mintz Group’s activities across Asia.

Randy spent 28 years with the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service, most recently serving as the Chief CIA representative in China. He has an extensive background in foreign field operations, policy and program management, and leadership development. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Indonesian.

Randy has lived and traveled throughout China and elsewhere in Asia for the U.S. Government. Additionally, he has managed worldwide and regional programs from Washington. Randy has extensive relationships with officials and business leaders throughout the continent.

Randy has deep expertise on issues relative to Asia, with particular emphasis on China. This includes an intimate knowledge of the full range of political, economic, trade, investment and security issues involving China, from a bilateral as well as a multilateral perspective. Randy has extensive experience unraveling a variety of complex matters involving finance, trade and fraud.

Randy has a B.A. in diplomacy and foreign affairs from Miami University, and a Masters of International Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.





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