WEBINAR : Innovation and Adaptability During Crisis

WEBINAR : Innovation and Adaptability During Crisis

Venue : Zoom

Event Start Date : Monday 13 April 2020

Event End Date : Monday 13 April 2020

Event Start Time : 05:00 pm

Event End Time : 06:00 pm

Registration Start Date : Friday 03 April 2020

Registration End Date : Monday 13 April 2020

  Innovation through change and crisis: Innovation is as much about adaptation and resilience as it is invention. Through this program, participants will gain insights into some of the strategies corporate counsel can use to successfully adapt and refocus their legal teams in a time of crisis and a rapidly changing business reality. They will learn from global best practice examples of cultural change programmes, legal team transformations, and approaches designed to build highly adaptable teams before the global coronavirus pandemic.

Drawing on RSG’s research, the session will highlight trends and examples of how in-house lawyers have successfully navigated moments of crisis, rapid change and transformation. It will also examine some of the strategies put in place to develop more adaptable legal teams to meet new challenges and business needs, and to remain relevant.

1) Building a more adaptable legal team: How have legal teams adapted to periods of rapid change, fluctuating workload, and total business transformations in the past?

2) The view from the c-suite: Whatever the external pressures on business, the most successful legal teams are those most aligned with their business’s strategy and goals. We will share findings from our research with 150+ c-suite executive on what they most value from their legal team. How do they view the role of their corporate counsel and what does this mean legal teams should focus on in the current climate?


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Yasmin Lambert   


Tom Saunders

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