Application for membership/renewal is subject to approval by the General Committee. The General Committee reserves the right to approve or reject any application or renewal without ascribing any reason whatsoever.

Not Applicable (if applying for Ordinary Membership)

Such other persons engaged in the provision of legal, contract management/administration, compliance, or corporate secretarial services or other related activities, as the Committee may in its absolute discretion deem appropriate

Practising lawyers who are company secretaries, who in the opinion of the Committee, can contribute to the work of the Association

Alumni members of the Association

Student pursuing a course of study in law in the National University of Singapore or the Singapore Management University

Lecturers and tutors in law in any faculty or school in the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, or Nanyang Technological University, or any other institution of higher learning in Singapore, including polytechnics;

Members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, or the School of Law, Singapore Management University or any other faculty or school of law approved by the Committee

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