Whatever it may mean to each one of us, we all agree that it is essential to the continuing success of our organizations.


Recognising the pivotal role played by in-house counsel, SCCA INNOVATEhas been formed to deliver a community and program which will enable its members to fearlessly embrace technology and the latest innovation in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector. Our members are thought leadership partners to their C-suite and agile to the needs of their business stakeholders.


We would like to extend you an exclusive invitation to join SCCA Innovate. SCCA Innovate offers its members opportunities to Connectwith other TMT in-house counsel and industry experts, Equip themselves with the latest in regulatory and legal know how developments and Innovate by learning and participating in the latest hot topics within the TMT sector including AI, block chain and robotics.


Please visit the SCCA page to learn more and email to sign up so you can hear about latest events and news! The success of SCCA Innovate relies on your participation and feedback so let your voice be heard and tell us what you want from us.

SCCA INNOVATE (download pdf) tells you who we are, what we do, and how you can collaborate with us in INNOVATE.


Do click on this link for a personal welcome from us,

Dessi Berhane Silassie

Your SCCA Innovate Champion


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