Well-Being Chapter


This Chapter covers SCCA’s support to in house counsel in their overall well-being and growth.

About the Well-being Chapter

The mission of the SCCA has been to support in-house counsel in their profession and careers. However, there is a growing recognition that simply equipping in-house counsel with the technical skills and legal training is not sufficient and that there needs to be a more holistic approach to such support. To this end, the SCCA is curating a chapter to support the Health and Well-being of in-house counsel.

The chapter will broadly focus on:-

(a) Both mental and physical aspects of well-being, (such as self-care strategies, reframing work life balance and improving effectiveness of your work practices) their respective importance and the science behind it;

(b) Providing valuable information on recognising signs of mental illness, how and where to seek support; and

(c) Most importantly, what habits and routines can be adopted by members in their lives to increase overall well-being and navigating the various hurdles in respect of same and the science behind it.

The work and goals of the well - being chapter will be to:-

1. Continuously generate data and statistics which ascertain where members of the Community currently are in terms of their level of health and well-being and refine the programme on an ongoing basis to remain relevant, address emerging trends and challenges.

2. Create awareness in the idea and importance of well-being.

3. Teach members strategies for bringing about and increasing their well-being.

4. Provide a general reference/information on how and where to seek practical support (for poor mental health and for increasing well-being).

5. Sharing of various approaches for taking “control” of how to manage stressful situations in workplace.


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Head Convenor – Yeo Shi Yuan (Download Profile)

Co-Convenor – Geeta Thakerar (Download Profile)



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