Annual Black Tie 2018

The SCCA Annual Black Tie 2018 was a grand event that brought together members, distinguished guests, and partners for an evening of celebration and networking. The gala dinner was held at the prestigious Capella Singapore, located in the scenic Sentosa, on November 2nd, 2018.

The theme for the Annual Black Tie 2018 was Diversity, reflecting the diverse nature of the legal industry and the need to diversify methods. The event featured a specially curated menu, wine pairings, and a program that incorporated the theme of Diversity into the evening's ambiance, palette, and guests.

The night was filled with elegant entertainment, delicious food, and lively conversations with colleagues and friends in the industry. It was an opportunity to appreciate the support and contributions of members, guests, and partners to the success of SCCA.

The event was punctuated by the presentation of the Chief Legal Officer Award ceremony, where the SCCA recognized and honored the outstanding achievements of in-house legal professionals.

The SCCA Annual Black Tie 2018 was a memorable event that brought together the legal community to celebrate, network, and recognize the achievements of in-house legal professionals. Guests also had a chance to win a limited edition print by Shi Lifeng by entering a draw announced during the dinner. The past few Annual Black Tie events were also hugely successful, and you can view the highlights here: