Peers (Younger Lawyers)


About Peers 

The Peers sub-committee of the SCCA aims to represent corporate counsel who are in the early to mid-stages of their in-house careers. Peers cater to the interests, needs, and issues of this group, building a cohesive young community full of camaraderie and mutual support, while having fun, of course!


These are some of the many activities that Peers spearhead:


  1. Peers Mentorship Program:  We run a mentorship program which provides junior in-house counsel with the opportunity to have regular mentoring sessions with senior and experienced in-house counsel. Such sessions provide a useful space for meaningful discussions and the exchange of professional experience and insights between mentor and mentee. We provide the connections, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Peers Chapter on Google Hangout: Peers Chapter is an online platform available globally for young in-house lawyers to meet up virtually to discuss issues that directly impact them. All who are new to the in house community, young (at heart), and passionate about such issues are warmly welcomed to join us. The Peers Chapter is also a platform to network and discuss issues that keep fellow peers awake at night. No time to travel to a location but still wish to meet with fellow counsels? This is the way of the future!


  1. Peering In: “Peering In” is a series of short 20 minute talks to inspire, impact and challenge fellow peers (and friends) to look closer at issues and ideas of the day, as shared by specially curated speakers at an informal session after work. Speakers are varied and diverse, but one thing remains constant - these talks are non-legal related, for the multi-faceted lawyer with interests outside of the law.  


At Peers, we like it fresh, flavourful and appealing. We also have networking opportunities with senior members of the community, as well as collaborations with other professional bodies and associations in Singapore, such as the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law. For example, Peers and the Young Members Chapter of the Singapore Academy of Law collaborate yearly to run conferences such as “A Career in Law: How to Make it Last” and “Singapore Legal Career Forum”.


Do reach out to us if you’re interested to join our committee or learn more about our activities. Practitioners considering an in-house role in Singapore are also welcome to reach out to us.


Chapter Co-Leads:

  • Daniel Choo

  • Renita Sophia Crasta


Pro Bono Pledge - Click Here

The SCCA is proud to launch its pro bono initiatives by in house counsel, together with the support of the Law Society Pro Bono Services.

This initiative is launched in aid of the community, including charities and other ground-up movements, as well as the underprivileged including foreign workers and the elderly, across Singapore.

Our efforts are also run in line with the principles set out by the Legal Profession (Pro Bono Legal Services) Rules 2013.

We cordially invite you to be a part of this initiative and to support us with your efforts and heart, to the extent you can. Kindly show your support by filling out the pledge, thank you!