CLO Awards 2021

The Singapore Chief Legal Officer Award 2021 was back for its fifth year, recognizing the significant achievements of outstanding legal professionals in Singapore. This year, the world has been navigating the aftermath of the pandemic and the challenges it brought, and Chief Legal Officers have played a crucial role in leading their organizations through this difficult time.

CLOs have been showcasing exemplary leadership skills in many leading organizations this year as the world got back on its feet. On the economic front, all the crises one after another presented as one of the greatest challenges. Within organizations, the legal departments had to work under extreme pressures and produce results that would sustain employment, business longevity, and manage the well-being of colleagues. CLOs in Singapore exercised and executed new plans and strategies that deserve to be honored in 2021.

The SCCA Annual Black Tie 2021 was an opportunity to close out the year with a prestigious ceremony that commemorated the best of 2021, and to recognize the contributions of in-house legal professionals in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and its aftermath. It was an event that brought together the legal community to celebrate, network, and recognize the achievements of in-house legal professionals.