The legal profession in Singapore, as the case elsewhere, is at an inflection point. There are ever increasing 21st century demands. These include inter alia the high expectations of senior legal leaders; legal managers, in both private practice and inhouse alike; the courts; clients; customers and, society in general. There is the delicate tightrope balance, against such pressures, and...

Some reflections on 30th September 2022 in person live event with Axiom/SCCA at Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
“Being Well and building resilience for inhouse General Counsels”
By Geeta Thakerar, Co Convenor SCCA, Wellbeing Chapter

4 Ways To Seek Help To Manage Your Emotions

The finals of the 2021 SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge took place in the morning of 31 July 2021. 
From the many law students who participated in the 2021 Challenge, the six finalist teams took turns to present to three final judges – Mr. Daniel Chia (Head of Human Resources, Samsung Electronics Singapore), Ms Koh Juat Muay (President, Institute of Public Relations of Singapore) and Mr. Andrew Ong...