Co-Presidents Message

Dear SCCA Members,

Happy new year, and we hope everyone has been doing well!

As Singapore comes out of Dorscon Green, we are sure many of us are in celebration as we emerge from the recent pandemic years to resume many of our activities ahead.

At SCCA too, as the representative local in-house counsels body, we are pleased to share that we will continue to foster our three main pillars of:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Community, and
  3. Pro bono

Professional Development

In line with our first knowledge pillar, this year will see the launch of 2 new flagship events.

The first is the APAC Legal Congress which will take place in the first week of May to provide key updates on corporate developments across all of APAC for not just local in-house counsels, but also with a warm invite to all our regional teams too.

The second is the Corporate Counsel Summit which will take place in August during the Singapore Convention Week organised by the Ministry of Law - which will feature a specific day specially allocated for our in-house counsels to catch up on the latest dispute resolution developments and meet other top practitioners too.

In addition, SCCA will also be relaunching our SCCA Competency Framework together with our SCCA Academy courses to provide a structured manner for counsels to assess their knowledge, competence and skills levels as they journey as in-house, alongside setting up our industry chapters which provide circles of peer learning for all. 


As part of our second community pillar, SCCA continues to have monthly networking events (our First Thursday drinks) and hopes to also have our Gala dinner again at the end of the year in November. We look forward to seeing all again at such events.

In addition, we will be relaunching our SCCA mentorship programme - where we invite all to give back as either mentors or learn as mentees.

Pro Bono

In line with our third pro bono pillar too, SCCA continues with our participation in Singapore-wide pro bono initiatives such as with the Law Awareness Week and charity clinics. We also look to developing and nurturing the next generation with our career talks and SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge, where students are given a chance to be GCs for a day and present their entries to judges who take the role of their Boards.

International Links

Last but not least, SCCA also continues to actively partner with the Asia-Pacific Corporate Counsel Alliance and In-House Counsel Worldwide, two international networks that we are also closely and proudly happy to be a part of, and who we work closely with to bring more events to all our members.

Call to Action

Given all the above, we warmly invite any interested to join or volunteer in any of the above initiatives by contacting us. This will enable us to spread the work and keep our association meaningful, relevant, and sustainable.

We also welcome our sponsors and partners too to join us in spreading the word on your initiatives and supporting our own. 

We also urge all in-house counsels to take up your individual or corporate memberships at the earliest to enjoy priority access to all events and at discounted fees too. In this regard, SCCA will be offering a 20% discount off all memberships undertaken up to the end of March 2023 - do contact us and we can assist you with the process.

We look forward to building our in-house legal community more closely together, thank you in advance for everyone's support, and here's wishing all a most excellent year ahead and much good health and happiness always!

Warmest wishes,

Daniel and Renita
Co-Presidents, SCCA

20 February 2023