SCCA Student Chapter’s objective is to bring the wider law student community together and to develop the next generation of in-house lawyers. Join us to increase your network among your peers in other schools and pick up knowledge and skills relating to the in-house counsel profession.


Some of our activities include:


  • Beyond Borders - In an increasingly globalised world, you will encounter cross-border deals involving other countries when you enter the workforce. You may decide to expand your horizons and work overseas or be seconded to an overseas office. This series gives you an insight into the legal systems of other countries and what it is like to work as an in-house counsel there.
  • Discovery through Dialogue - Would you like to know law students from other schools? Would you like to expand your mind and hear different perspectives of an issue? In this activity, small groups of students from different law schools will come together to chill and chat about a particular topic. Through this, we hope that you will expand your social network and discover more about a topic.


  • Industry Insights - In law school, besides thinking about what area of law to specialize in, it is equally (if not more) important to think about what industry you would like to join. The answer to this will shape your career and choice of subjects in school. Hear from industry speakers to learn the myths, strange facts, and career prospects in different industries.


If you are studying a diploma, degree, masters or JD at a law school (regardless of whether it is a public or private university or polytechnic), you can join SCCA as a student associate member. If you have any questions, please reach out to us from here



Chapter Chair:

  • Serene Gan

Vice Chair:

  • Daniel Choo