About Us

The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association Limited is the pioneer national organisation representing the interests of in-house lawyers working for companies and other entities based in Singapore.

We are committed to providing the support and elevation to the needs of in-house lawyers around the world through its close-knit global alliances. With an ever-growing membership and connections, it prides in building reputable regional training programs, leadership and industry conversations, legal counsel career toolkits, competency frameworks encompassing technical knowledge, skills, and the required right attitude and character for corporate lawyers.


SCCA has made many contributions to the in-house Legal community:

  • Learning events to ensure that in-house counsel keep up to date with developments in the law

  • Networking opportunities that enable in-house counsel to stay connected with their industry

  • Legal reform, including the codification of in-house privilege, a law that directly benefits an organization that bases its legal department here in Singapore

SCCA Vision: Better Counsel, Better Corporations, Better Community


Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Affirm your commitment to diversity and inclusion practices by taking the SCCA Diversity & Inclusion Pledge!