Yeo Shi Yuan

Director/Board Member

Shi Yuan is the Regional Head of Legal and Compliance, Data Protection Officer, Deputy Company Secretary, Regional Security Trade Control Administrative Officer, and the Regional Deputy Security Manager (Legal) of Fujifilm Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. In addition, he is also the Head of Legal and Compliance of Fujifilm Healthcare Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

He leads the legal and compliance team in the APAC Headquarter in Singapore and oversees the respective legal and compliance teams in all of the subsidiaries which are located in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and India.

Shi Yuan graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2000. He further obtained a Master of Business Administration from Murdoch University and a Certificate of Management Excellence from Harvard Business School. He also attended the PON Global Executive Education Program with Harvard Law School.

Finally, Shi Yuan was approached and invited to co-author a book entitled "Power Springboard: How to Excel in Business, Income and Life" with world-renowned best-selling authors such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Kerri Kasem.