Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

Affirm your commitment to diversity and inclusion practices by taking the SCCA Diversity & Inclusion Pledge!

The Pledge:

I pledge, as a provider and/or consumer of legal services, my commitment to diversity and inclusion in those legal services and in the practice of law.

I believe the best legal services are delivered by a diverse team who are and feel inclusive, and who are able to and do in fact express themselves freely.

To encourage this, I will take steps reasonably available to me – and will encourage others to do likewise – to ensure that, wherever possible:

• legal services are provided by as diverse a team or firm as possible;
• the diversity and inclusion initiatives and success of legal teams will be a factor in offering or choosing legal services;
• legal services will not be refused from any person of any minority merely because of their status;
• legal teams are as diverse and inclusive as reasonably possible;
• people from under-represented societal groups will be actively included in meetings, hearings and similar events; and
• I will prefer to engage legal services providers who have taken this pledge and I will encourage others to take this pledge.

For and on behalf of

Thank you for taking the pledge to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace!