Pro Bono Pledge

The SCCA is proud to launch its pro bono initiatives by in house counsel, together with the support of the Law Society Pro Bono Services.
This initiative is launched in aid of the community, including charities and other ground up movements, as well as the underprivileged including foreign workers and the elderly, across Singapore.
Our efforts are also run in line with the principles set out by the Legal Profession (Pro Bono Legal Services) Rules 2013.
We cordially invite you to be a part of this initiative and to support us with your efforts and heart, to the extent you can. Kindly show your support by filling out the pledge, thank you!

The Pledge:

I, heartfully agree, to do my best to support the SCCA's pro bono initiatives, here within Singapore and wherever I can.
I agree to undertake such efforts with the utmost integrity, kindness and propriety, in accordance with the principles of the Legal Profession (Pro Bono Legal Services) Rules 2013.
I also agree to encourage those around me who are able to assist to come forward, as well as spread the word to welcome warmly those in need.
Please find my name and contact details reflected below for the purposes of this initiative:

For and on behalf of