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The Family Justice Courts administer justice to families in distress. These courts play a pivotal role in resolving disputes and promoting the best possible outcomes for children and families through a fair, just and compassionate system.

The Family Justice Courts comprise the Family Division of the High Court, the Family Courts and the Youth Courts. If appointed, you will be a part of a specialist group of Family and Youth Court judges designated to handle the full range of family-related matters that include adoption, divorce, custody and access, family violence, protection from harassment, maintenance, mental capacity, vulnerable adults, probate and succession, as well as challenging and complex international cross-border matters such as applications under the International Child Abduction Act.

Family justice is a specialist discipline. As a judge of the Family Justice Courts, you will take the lead and control the pace of proceedings. You will approach each case sensitively and holistically, and may apply principles of therapeutic justice to address the needs of the family before you. You will treat every case with fairness whilst ensuring that every outcome provides a way forward for the family in distress.

Whilst the work is challenging, those with a passion to make a difference will find it immensely meaningful and fulfilling. You will protect family obligations, safeguard vulnerable adults, promote the best interests of children and rehabilitate and restore youths. You will shape not only the lives of parties before you, but their families and beyond.


- A “qualified person” as defined in the Legal Profession Act

- More than 5 years of relevant experience in criminal, civil and/or family litigation work

- Aptitude for mediation and the application of alternate dispute resolution methods to resolve disputes

- Strong legal competence/professionalism

- Excellent judicial temperament and empathy, courtesy, strong interpersonal & communication skills and a team player

Eligible applicants are invited to submit, by 8 Apr 2023, the Application Form (available at: http://www.jsc.gov.sg).

Please contact the Judicial Service Commission Secretariat at email: jsc_sec@jsc.gov.sg if you have any query.


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