Regional General Counsel shares business expansion views

As businesses expand across borders, general counsel share the journey and confront myriad legal tests. Those with experience say the power they bring to their companies is enhanced by interchanges of knowledge with peers. Putro Harnowo reports

The culture that successful general counsel bring to their companies can drive businesses far beyond the legal boundaries of expanded operations. Their knowledge and attitude is a battery of corporate power.

During the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) APAC Legal Congress held from 3-4 May 2023, Asia Business Law Journal talked to many general counsel to get their insights on issues from navigating businesses going global to managing legal teams and assisting with foreign investment.

Having networks is crucial and, for general counsel, engaging with alternate peer groups can substantially benefit them with information about what other experts in different industries are up to. They can uncover a wealth of information, insights and knowledge that they might not attain from within the circles of their fellow in-house lawyers. This broadening of perspectives in turn helps create a more robust and nuanced understanding of their own legal landscape.

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