Wellbeing Chapter, Announcement 32

In our January well-being chapter announcement, we focused on the topic of adversity and some healthy ways to move through the same.

In February we wanted to do a deeper dive on some critical soft skills for legal leadership and businesses, including in-house counsels to use mindfulness as strategic leverage.

This is heralded as a crucial soft skill in business.

The ability to have a calm mind to support rational decision making,

the ability to relax the body and boost resilience to support busy fast-moving initiatives and issues,

the ability to increase situational awareness and remain sharp and on top of complex matters and ever-changing situations,

the ability to constantly de-clutter, pay attention, block out the “noise” focus on what really is material and matters both nonjudgmentally and purposefully,

living and breathing a creative and wellness culture at companies, firms, and businesses around the world.

Mindfulness and leveraging this impacted business decades ago through the development of an unmistakably hard skill that senior managers mastered strategic planning and mindfulness together. The rise of mindfulness is unquestionably a positive development.


The practice is helping people:

manage stress,

maximize creativity.

It is much more than a mental fitness tool. It is an asset for leaders seeking to perceive and re-perceive and makes better strategic choices.


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