SCCA Bridge Membership


Going somewhere? Leaving in-house to become an external lawyer or vice versa?

Here's your support during transit!

SCCA understands that every career transition has its challenges, and all the more when moving from private practice to in-house, or vice versa.  A complimentary SCCA Bridge Membership is our way of welcoming you to the in-house community, and will help you ease into your new role.  And if you are moving back into private practice, there is no reason why you would not want to preserve your ties with the in-house community.
SCCA Bridge Membership is a 1 year complimentary membership scheme for lawyers embarking on a career switch. A legal professional who moves to an in-house legal role will enjoy a 1 year complimentary SCCA Ordinary Membership. An existing ordinary member of the SCCA who joins a law firm will enjoy a 1 year complimentary SCCA Associate Membership. The qualifications for SCCA Ordinary Membership and Associate Membership continue to apply. Bridge members enjoy the same benefits and privileges as ordinary members and associate members, as the case may be.